Tulsa Leather Care is a re-dyeing, and repairing specialist...We have and offer MOBILE SERVICE in the NE Oklahoma area. We re-dye and repair  Leather and Vinyl Furniture, as well as Auto interiros...Hand bags....and Jackets...Feel free to call us (918-227-0326) or email us (TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com) for information regarding your project.....We offer mobile service,  as well as MAIL IN service...918-227-0326...TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com...Our mailing address is:...Tulsa Leather Care 1006 W. Taft #364,...... Sapulpa, OKlahoma...74066


Here's some services that we provide for leather goods

Prada bag prior to beign re-duyed

Re-dyeing Repairing Pet problems fixed
Cut & Burn repair Protective coatings Cleaning & conditioning
Moving damage repair MAIL IN SERVICE
(MAIL IN service instructions at the bottom of this page.)

We offer MAIL IN SERVICE for Hand bags, and Jacket RE-DYEING AND REPAIR.

Mail in service INFO

We do a LOT of mail in business and are happy to help you too. Below are instructions on how to let us help you long distance.

1. If you have an item that you would like to mail us (your hand bag or jacket) for re-dying or repair then please email us or call us first.             Our phone and email: 918-227-0326 TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com

2. All mail in items are requested to be paid for via PayPal, or check.

3. If paying with PayPal than after the item has re-dyed or restored / repaired we send you several photos of the finished item, along with a Pay Pal invoice. If paying with check than you will have made arrangements prior to delivery of the item to us.

4. The Pay Pal invoice will include the repair cost plus the cost of priority US mail return shipping. We're happy to add insurance to the postage for the item upon request.

5. Typical cost of return postage (not counting insurance) is about $15.00 , and some times $20.00 (depending on the size and weight of the item), and delivery time via Priority US mail is approximately 2-3 days.

6. When mailing in an item to us we recommend (when using the U.S. mail) that you request proof of delivery and /or send it return receipt requested.

This seems to cut down on (as the post office puts it) "lost mail".

The mail to address is:

Tulsa Leather Care                                                                                             1006 W. Taft #364                                                                                                 Sapulpa, OK. 74066

While there is some one at our mailing address every day during business hours, if you would like to bring something personally your welcome to do so, but please call for an appointment.

Our shop address is different than our mailing address and at the shop we're in and out during the day, and wouldn't want to miss you.

 email is:     TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com

Phone is (918) 227-0326