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Car & Truck seat re-dyeing & repair. ASK about RV seats and leather interiors!

Typical cost for seat re-dyeing is $125.00 to $155.00 per seat (front) and if the customer elects to re-do the back seats as well than we make cost adjustments for the "full job". Most of our colors are custom matched and by the time we get the color perfect, doing the back seats as well is not a problem.

One of the best ways to maintain the value of your car, or truck is to keep the interior looking good. Even the most meticulous owner will see ware on the interior of their car weather it's an every day driver, or a "week end" car.

The most common area of ware is the bolster on the left side of the drivers seat. Of course the are other "ware patterns" that occur but this left side bolster seems to be the most common area of ware.

 This repair and (or) re-dyed area can go a long way to helping your car or truck not only look nice but help to maintain the best value that it can.

FRONT SEAT repair or re-dyeing

The front seats are probably what we tackle the most when it comes to vehicles interior repairs. Even in a four door car the front seems to get the most ware. We've worked (repaired seats and done re-dyeing) on every thing from VW's to Testarossa's.

It's our opinion that a front seat restoration is one of the best "bangs for the buck" that a car owner can do. It can also be a great way to make a "freshen up "for that all important "first car"...LOL..LOL.. Buying a "first car" with some ware on the seats seems to be the way to get a great bargain. It seems that the discount that you can get for worn seats is a lot grater than the cost of restoring them!! We've seen a lot of 16 year olds REALLY HAPPY to see the seats in their first car looking like new. Not to mention the parents that got a great deal on a car that just "needed a little work".

This is a  Lexus that had a problem on the side of the side of the seat.

Before  After

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