Tulsa Leather Care is a re-dyeing, and repairing specialist...We have and offer MOBILE SERVICE in the NE Oklahoma area. We re-dye and repair  Leather and Vinyl Furniture, as well as Auto interiros...Hand bags....and Jackets...Feel free to call us (918-227-0326) or email us (TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com) for information regarding your project.....We offer mobile service,  as well as MAIL IN service...918-227-0326...TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com...Our mailing address is:...Tulsa Leather Care 1006 W. Taft #364,...... Sapulpa, OKlahoma...74066

Leather repair

MANY, if not Most wounds to leather can be repaired


Here's a Burn in a seat being repaired

  Finished project Repairing burn in car seat Matching the color on a burn repair Finished with burn repair and almost ready for delivery

Repairing a truck for a owner who wanted to sell his truck, but couldn't get any offers because of the seat

Conference room chairs that were re-dyed & re-stored ON site.



Re-dyeing is part of repair too.

Obviously chair has two pretty sever damaged areas, but we were able to make a big improvement for the owner .