Tulsa Leather Care is a re-dyeing, and repairing specialist...We have and offer MOBILE SERVICE in the NE Oklahoma area. We re-dye and repair  Leather and Vinyl Furniture, as well as Auto interiros...Hand bags....and Jackets...Feel free to call us (918-227-0326) or email us (TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com) for information regarding your project.....We offer mobile service,  as well as MAIL IN service...918-227-0326...TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com...Our mailing address is:...Tulsa Leather Care 1006 W. Taft #364,...... Sapulpa, OKlahoma...74066

WE re-dye HAND BAGS & offer a mail in service. 

Leather dyes, and "colorants". WHAT kind of dye is my hand bag dyed with?

Does my bag have to be dyed black?

All returned hand bags are return a 2 dram (1/4 oz.) vile of touch up dye.

COLORS: We can re-dye to every color there is including metallic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pewter, and many more.

Email from customer on 10.17.10

WHEN sending us a purse it would help if you could print out and fill out the info sheet. Here's a button that will take you to a printable PDF file that is of great help to us both

PDF Info sheet

A recent letter from a customer, regarding the re-dying of her hand bag.

J.Crew hobo sholder bag before re-dying j.crew. hobo sholder bag needing to be re-dyed J.Crew hobo bag after re-dying

"I contacted Stan (with Tulsa Leather Care) a few weeks ago via email, asking about the possibility of re-dying my taupe leather J. Crew hobo/shoulder bag (discontinued style). It had been damaged by my cat, resulting in a nasty (smelly) stain which I promptly cleaned with a bleach and water solution, hoping to save it.

The bleach ended up spotting it in several places, and causing a lightish-green tinged splotch/stain. I thought it was a goner, and literally let it sit in my closet for a year. I couldn't bear to get rid of it, so I was thrilled to find Tulsa Leather Care and see the workmanship Stan does -- the before/after pictures are amazing.

Stan was gracious about my many emails and questions, and I sent off my bag with a picture of the color I hoped to have it dyed (a light metallic gold/silver/bronze - perfect for summer). Stan not only prompted responded to my emails, but he told me what he would do for every step, matched the color in the picture perfectly, and sent the finished re-dyed (not smelly) bag back to me in a week. I love it!

It's so classy and elegant looking, and you cannot tell it was ever a different color. The workmanship is perfect -- it's like I bought it yesterday. It looks fresh and new, and I can't wait to use it. Any other future re-dyes are going to Stan/Tulsa Leather!" 


Instructor/Doctoral Student
University of Illinois at Chicago

I received my Coach handbag and love the wonderful dye job. It exceeded
> my expectations. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
> Ellen Eisele
> GA.

                       Before                                     After

Metalic coach hand bag before re-dye                  Metalic finish on coach hand bag                                                          

We re-dye a lot of hand bags, and we offer a mail in service for Hand Bag (and accessory) re-dyeing.

Here's a here's a nice transition. From a faded violet (hard to see) to a nice "English tan".

      Before                   After                                From tan to lavender
   Kooba bag that's been be-dyed to english tan             From tan to purple   From tan to lavender

            From Purple to Black                                 From Tan to Grey

From purple to black     From purple to black          Tan to grey    From tan to grey

Betsey Johnson designer hand bag re-dyed. Betsey Joahson handbag that has been re-dyed. Contact US at TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com

Owners comments:

Wow!! It was so sad looking before you did your magic on it, and now it looks just like I wanted it to.

Thanks so much. Chicago Ill.


How do I send you my bag? What will it cost? How do I pay for the re-dying and restoration of my bag?


  Rebecca Minkoff HOBO Bag that was repaired

          and re-dyed 

 Returned to Colorado Springs, CO. 

 (Before) This was a nice change, and she was really happy with her "new bag".


It's about a 2.5 -3.0 week turn around to do a color change or color restoration on a handbag.                                                       Contact US at TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com


A Prada rejuvenated

I just wanted to let you know that I received the bag. It looks great, you did a wonderful job.!!!!   It is one of my favorite bags and even though it is a washed bag, it had really faded badly, as you know. Because it is one of my favorites, I didn't want to part with it....   It looks great again! You did a great job matching the original color while still keeping the soft texture and feel of the washed leather.  It looks and feels like it did when I first purchased it .     Thanks!!!!!   Maria (Rhode Island)


You are an artist and a craftsman, and I am more than pleased and will gratefully share you with my friends and colleagues at work.

Thank you for the lotion. I was going to ask you if I could use the lotion that I bought from Bally.

Now for the big question...can you also dye snakeskin boots that are a light natural color?

Heather, (Wall Street NY.NY.)

Here's a nice Monsac handbag

This Monsac bag had a metallic finish that needed restoration.

Monsac handbad   Monsac hand bag after restoration

As you can see, we restore metallic finishes also. If you have a question about the metallic finish on your bag, just send us an email, or give us a call.