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Jacket re-dyeing

What's is cost to re-dye my jacket?

Black on Black re-dye ..........................................................$100.00 + R/S

Black, or Espresso brown on any color as a color change..................$135.00 +R/S

A re-dye of the "same on same" color (other than black) requiring color matching....................................................................................$145.00 +R/S

Color change to something other than black or Espresso brown, that requires matching to a (provided) color sample .................................................................$155.00 +R/S

Add $15.00 cost to any 3/4 length jackets *return shipping (R/S) is normally $14-$15

 PLEASE know that we return ALL emails. For some reason Hotmail, and military address seem to be kicked back fairly often where as Gmail address don't. IF your account is a hot mail account and you haven't heard from us let me assure you that we have been trying.....Thanks

We offer a MAIL IN SERVICE for jacket repairs, as well as Jacket and hand bag re-dyeing. (*See mail in services )We receive Jackets to re-dye from all over the US. Mail in customers pay the shipping both ways (about $13.00 - $15.00 each way) and typical turn around time is 7 days. If we get it on a Monday we can most often have it coming back to you on the next Monday.

       A lot of Jackets are simply re-dyed the same color to freshen them up, and make them look new again.

We typically do two types of re-dyes. A lot of jackets are re-dyed the same color, and then others have full (and sometimes dramatic) color change.

Here we were given a jacket and asked to make it look like the sample. We were successfull enough that you cant hardly tell them apart.

One jacket was brownOne jacket re-dyed to look like the other one One of these two was Orange   One made to look like the other

After years of great service and ware some jackets start to look a bit shabby. Unfortunately (our opinion) not enough people know that their favorite jacket can be re-dyed to look as good or better than new. 

We've had (and have) jackets mailed to us from all over the United Sates.

 Before After

A jacket from Indiana from worn out brown to newly re-dyed brown

Before                   After

 Here are two coats that both came from Colorado Springs CO. They just needed a freshen up and made it back to the owner in time to help keep her warm the rest of the winter.

She sent is two jackets. This blue one and a red one as well.  this is the before  photo of the blue jacket. In the after photo you can see how much nicer the coat looks.

We LIKE to re-dye jackets, and welcome them. When mailing in a jacket for re-dyeing we recommend all of the big three (UPS, FED-EX, US mail) and recommend that you have a tracking number for your package. We're happy to add extra insurance to your return package if you would like us to.

We have a LOT of happy MAIL IN  "re-dye" customers, and would be happy to help you too.  We also re-dye accessories to match, if you like.


In this project the goal was to make the jacket look like the shoes.      How'd we do?

  Before front        Before back           Shoes as color sample                After

Aniline dyed jacket      Afte aniline re-dye on jacket

The jacket came to us from upper New York. A great customer, and a fun project.

This Jacket was sent to us from from Ohio

Prior to re-dyeing partialy doneFirt re-dye compleatedSecond re-dye finished and ready to ship  Before         Half way through    1st re-dye         2nd re-dye

A nice Black jacket that was in need of restoration has been restored and is now looking like new. This jacket was sent to us from Missouri

   Re-dyed                            Button holes repaired  Buttons re-sewn
I received my Wife's Leather Jacket yesterday and it is absolutely 
Outstanding!  You are amazing!  I showed others in the office the jacket 
and they could not believe it. Thank you!
Red jacket re-dye, the coat came from Washington State, and was purchased at Sacks fifth avenue in NY. NY.

  Before re-dye      Before re-dye       After re-dye      After re-dye

This coat came from Washington state, and she loved the new look.
Email from owner "The jacket arrived and it is beautiful.  Thank you."  Elizabeth 

This jacket re-dye was done to the color  a deep brownish purple described as either eggplant or "Auberguine" . The jacket was originally purchased in London, and  came to us from New Hampshire. She was very happy with the finished product

This bomber jacket (below) came to us from the Jersey Shore.
It was a used looking bomber jacket that was a light color that we re-dyed to an espresso brown.

What does it cost to re-dye my jacket

Add $15.00 cost to any 3/4 length jackets *return shipping (R/S) is normally $14-$15

Leather Jacket re-dye


We wipe it down with either denatured alcohol or acetone in on order to "etch" the existing finish. We do not sand the leather prior to re-dyeing it Sanding leather is normally done (and seldom at that) on auto interiors where people have used Armor-all, or a similar silicone based product on the leather.

In extreme circumstances we may sand on the leather other than car interiors, but typically that's done during a repair, although a light sanding with 400 grit of finer sand paper can be done.

We use two types of dyes. We use aniline dye that are solvent based (alcohol base dye, and they look and work like food coloring) , and acrylic dyes that are water based.

After we clean (strip) the leather we then let the jacket rest for a day. This allows all or any remaining solvent to evaporate out of the leather.

After the cleaning of the leather for re-dyeing we then use solvent based (aniline) dyes for the first of two re-dyes on the leather. We use the aniline dye first because being solvent based it is easily wicked into the leather. After the first re-dyeing the coat is allowed to rest for 12-24 hours, again to express the thinners out of the aniline dye.

The second re-dyeing is done with the acrylic dyes. While the acrylic dye will "dry" in a few minuets, it requires 24+ hours to "cure". After the acrylic dye has cured the only thing that will damage it is (A) fingernail polish remover (which ins acetone) and ammonia products such as 409.

The sheen of the leather finish in any dying project is performed by the manipulation of the dye. We can have the sheen be a natural satin finish all the way to a bone flat finish. This is done by putting a "flatting agent" into the dyes while re-dyeing.

After the re-dying has been performed, and the dyes have cured for 24-48 hours we then condition the leather with leather conditioner. Our conditioner of choice is Lexol leather conditioner. 8-12 hours lather the coat is packed and ready for delivery .

If you have additional questions regarding the process than just let me know, and I'll do my best to send you the answer.

Stan L.

PLEASE know that we return ALL emails. For some reason Hotmail address seem to be kicked back fairly often where as Gmail address don't. IF your account is a hot mail account and you haven't heard from us let me assure you that we have been trying.....Thanks