Tulsa Leather Care is a re-dyeing, and repairing specialist...We have and offer MOBILE SERVICE in the NE Oklahoma area. We re-dye and repair  Leather and Vinyl Furniture, as well as Auto interiros...Hand bags....and Jackets...Feel free to call us (918-227-0326) or email us (TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com) for information regarding your project.....We offer mobile service,  as well as MAIL IN service...918-227-0326...TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com...Our mailing address is:...Tulsa Leather Care 1006 W. Taft #364,...... Sapulpa, OKlahoma...74066

We've been repairing and re-dyeing leather goods for 16 years +

Contact US at TulsaLeatherCare@gmail.com Because of this we've seen most every kind of damage to leather that can be done. Even after so many customers we still know that your situation is unique to you and  we're happy to talk to you regarding the problem. and let you now how we would fix it.

We're often asked how come we make it look so simple, and the only response that can be given is "because we know what we're doing". If you have questions about your situation then please feel free to call. We like talking to you.

Re-dyeing leather goods