We repair cuts, tears, burns, pet “issues” and more on:

1. Leather FURNITURE. (repairs to leather furniture are done ON SITE, where the furniture is located).

2. Leather Jackets, and Leather Garments.

(Average cost of  most leather Jacket repairs is around $75.00.)

Normal turn around time for repair on a leather jacket or leather garment is approximately 5-7 days.

3. Leather car seats and leather interiors.  

Damage on a leather coat is normally U shaped, V shaped, or jagged. 

The size of the damage isn’t what determines the cost or repair. WHY? Because it (almost always) takes the same  amount of time to repair a small wound as it does  BIG wound. 

We’ve repaired many items that “OTHERS” said were unrepairable.

Most people don’t know what all can be done to fix a lovely leather garment. In addition to being able to restore the original (faded or damaged) color, we can ALSO  mend (to invisibility, or CLOSE to invisibility) damage that has occured to your leather garment. Just give us a call, or send us a few photos of the damaged area. It’s NO CHARGE for us to look at the problem,

Contact  US

Email: tulsaleathercare@gmail.com  

Call OR text: 918-209-8837, OR 918-227-0326

Contact  US

Email: tulsaleathercare@gmail.com  Call OR text: 918-209-8837     OR 918-227-0326